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Who We Are

ChapCare Health Care Services in the San Gabriel Valley

ChapCare has delivered high-quality primary healthcare services to the underserved communities of the San Gabriel Valley for more than 22 years. ChapCare provides medical and dental care, behavioral health counseling, and access to specialty care services from 8 health center locations in the San Gabriel Valley.

Achieving Total Wellness

ChapCare provides a vast array of services that help community members achieve total body wellness by addressing health disparities in their communities. ChapCare provides nutrition counseling, health education classes, and prevention programs to support community members in reaching their health goals.

Working With Your Care Team

Each ChapCare patients is assigned to a primary care provider who is part of a larger care team. At each medical visit, the patient meets with the same medical provider. This ensures that your provider will be more familiar with your unique medical needs, and will be able to take proactive steps to improve your health.

Serving More Than 16,000 Patients Every Year!

ChapCare is the only Federally Qualified Health Center in the northwest corridor of the San Gabriel Valley. ChapCare provides 90,000 primary health care visits annually to over 16,000 patients.